Jewelry Repair Tracking Application

Your Go-To application for tracking your jewelry repairs, managing your customer information, communicating with your customers, quoting and invoicing, and simply getting more done faster and easier.

Watch & Jewelry Repair Management System

The Repair Traq application is a repair tracking system designed specifically for the use of jewelry repair shops big and small. Our system is completely cloud-based so you can access your account anywhere that has the internet. The application is database enabled so you can save all of your customer information, the details of the jewelry under repair, send customized emails to your customers directly, and even take pictures of the jewelry coming into your repair shop with your webcam that hooks up automatically to our system. We can help you track every repair order from start to finish, organize work orders, client notes, repair details, and much more.

How can it help your business?

Service based businesses thrive off of efficiency, productivity, and excellent customer service, and jewelry repair businesses are no exception. Our software application is guaranteed to help you manage your business more efficiently so you can spend more time on your customers and less time trying to stay organized, sifting through piles of repair tickets, or looking for customer information. You will become more automated with customizable and user-friendly application screens where you can save and keep all of your customer and jewelry repair information in a central and reliable location.


  • Basic Free Version to get you started!
  • Track jewelry repairs from intake to payments
  • Picture Capture with your webcam or upload
  • Reduce phone calls by automatic emails to update your customers of progress
  • Print and email Custom Repair Tickets and Labels
  • Track, Save, Update, Your Customer Info
  • Email Customers Directly
  • Quote, Approve, Invoice, and get paid Online!

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What else should you know?

Repair Traq is completely free to use if you are just getting started. Starting a business is hard enough without high price software and complicated contracts. We do not hide any secret fees, do not make you sign any contracts, and simply want to offer you a quality product that will truly make your lives a little easier. If you need added functionality to make the system right for you, please Contact Us. We offer excellent customer service with no automated call centers and no jumping through hoops. You can call us now and talk to a team leader or application developer immediately who is dedicated to helping you with any need, large or small.