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About Repair Traq

Repair Traq is a FREE Universal Repair Tracking software for repair shops of all shapes and specializations. The purpose of the system is to provide business owners with a way to track the internal operations of their repair business by allowing access to important customer and orders information. Repair Traq is extremely easy-to-use, completely free, and will give business owners an edge on decision making, customer management, and operational analysis for their stores.

If you would like to receive more information about Repair Traq, or would like to Register your free account immediately, please feel free to visit our Contact page anytime to talk to us directly.


Our repair tracking system is the perfect answer for most, if not all repair shops independent of product or expertise. Our system is so easy to use that we guarantee first time users will have no problem navigating our applications screens to enter, retrieve, and update orders and customer information with no problem. We have detailed instructions in our Tutorial for any problems at all or feel free to Contact our team directly.

Free to Use

Our goal is to offer a quality product that a repair shop of any specialty or size can find to make their business lives easier. We offer a free demo to try it out, or sign up for your own account for FREE. There are no contracts to sign, no start-up fees, no cancellation fees, no gimmicks, no nothing. We are confident you will enjoy the product and are happy to offer it to you for no cost.

Great Support, No Machines or Waits

Our team is dedicated to our product and are always ready to give a helping hand to a customer no matter what the issue. If you need support for anything at all please do not hesitate to Contact Upland Consulting Group and we will do everything in our power to help settle the situation. You will talk directly with the developers and support team immediately. No machines, no automated responses, just a team dedicated to superior support and a general enthusiasm for our customers. We are here because we want to help you!

Unlimited Access to Order and Customer Data

We are confident that the use of our system will give your repair business drastic advantages in the form of automation, higher productivity, and clear insight into the internal workings of your company. You have full access to all of your customers data in a sleek, responsive, and intuitive application designed specifically for a repair business of any type. This system is a product that you and your employees will love because it simply will make all of your jobs easier. Keep detailed records of all of your customers, no matter how long ago, record exactly what you worked on, and never have an issue with missing or incomplete records.

Database Driven

The Repair Tracking software includes a full relational database for storing all of your Customer, Order, and Vendor information. Each screen with all of your details is saved right into the database and is ready when you need to view, edit, or delete, or add more records. All of your records are viewable in data tables with all of the information being filterable, sortable, exportable, and more. Export to excel and CSV. Sort your records by date, Order ID, Job Number, Client name, and much more. The database is fast, easy, and ready for you to start using now.

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