We Work Exclusively With Repair Based Businesses

Repair Traq's Universal Repair Tracking application was developed for repair-based businesses, of all shapes and specializations. The system was built to deliver the ability to track the internal operations of repair-based business, by allowing access to important customer, vendor, and order information. Our appliction is database drive, customizable, and easy to use. You have unlimited access to customer data and will have the support of the people whom developed the application.

Fully Customomizable

Servicing a diverse array of businesses required us to develop fully customizable Repair Tickets. Our customer's, out of the box, can design their tickets to serve the specific needs of their concern. And we are here to help if you'd like our guidance in getting your shop set up, be it 10 minutes on the phone or designing a UI to your specifications. Our goal is to help you to quickly and effectively integrate your business to our platform.

Outstanding Support

If you require support, simply reach out to our help desk; our team is alway willing to lend a helping hand. You will be communicating directly with the developers of Repair Traq. No machines. No automated responses.

Database Driven

Repair Traq's relational database offers simplicity, data integrity, safety, and speed. Your information is instantly served when you need to view, edit, add or delete records. All of your data is safely stored and backed up in multiple locations.

Unlimited Data Access

Enjoy full access of your customer's data in a sleek, responsive, and intuitive application. Keep detailed records of all of your customers and vendors. Safely store exactly what you worked on, never having an issue with missing or incomplete records.

Easy to Use and Intuitive

First time users will easily navigate our screens to enter, retrieve, and update orders and customer information. Customers will find detailed instructions for any questions in our Tutorial. And please feel free to contact our help desk directly.